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Welcome to MCR Custom Kitchen Cabinet Refacing: A Morristown Cabinet Refacing Company

Morristown Cabinet RefinishingMCR Custom Kitchen Cabinet Refacing is the Morristown cabinet refacing company you can rely on to breathe new life into your kitchen cabinets with cost effective, time-tested methods. From refacing cabinets to custom cabinet refinishing and painting services, MCR Custom Kitchen Cabinet Refacing will provide you with a brand new look for your kitchen, without the expense of having to completely replace your kitchen cabinets.

Martin Romero, owner of MCR Custom Kitchen Cabinet Refacing, is a hands-on craftsman with over 15 years of experience working with Morristown custom cabinets projects, and have extensive experience utilizing both old world techniques and modern innovation to refinish cabinets. Our Morristown cabinet refacing option is the perfect solution for homeowners that are satisfied with their current kitchen layout but want to upgrade their existing cabinets. Our professional installers remove all of your existing door and drawer fronts, drawer boxes and hardware, leaving only the cabinet frames intact. Your selection of brand new cabinet doors and drawer fronts a

At MCR Custom Kitchen Cabinet Refacing, our Morristown cabinet refacing experts are personally involved in every aspect of each project, managing everything from the initial design to the final installation. By carefully selecting the best raw materials and refinishing techniques, our Morristown cabinet refacing specialists personally guarantee a meticulously crafted product. , be assured that your project will be created to exacting standards. On call for all of his clients in New Jersey, Manhattan, and Long Island customer service is his number one priority.

MCR Custom Kitchen Cabinet Refacing - Morristown Cabinet Refinishing

Thinking of getting new cabinets? If your kitchen looks outdated, it has probably crossed your mind. After all, the cabinets are one of the most visible aspects of the kitchen, and an integral part of the design. New cabinets can be expensive, but Morristown cabinet refinishing is affordable, especially with the experts at MCR Custom Kitchen Cabinet Refacing working on your project. 

Instead of cabinet replacement, let us upgrade your Morristown kitchen at a price you can afford while allowing you to get that custom look you crave for your home. If you are planning to remodel your kitchen, you have surely discovered it is not cheap, and that a significant portion of the cost is for cabinetry. New kitchen cabinets can be time consuming to install, too. With Morristown cabinet refinishing and/or cabinet painting, however, as long as your cabinets are in decent shape, these alternatives can give your kitchen a fabulous new look quickly, without busting your budget.

Save money, save time, and still get the look you want for your kitchen - that's what our Morristown cabinet refinishing experts can do for you! Whether you already have a color in mind or in need of design assistance, our professionally trained Morristown cabinet refinishing specialists will assist you in selecting the perfect combination of cabinet styles and colors to transform your kitchen into the kitchen of your dreams.

Morristown Cabinet Painting

MCR Custom Kitchen Cabinet Refacing also provides cabinet painting to homeowners throughout the Morristown area. Morristown cabinet painting provides a fresh new look without the expense of replacing the cabinetry itself, transforming your Morristown home with a quick, easy, affordable process.

Looking for custom cabinets? We also build custom furniture! All our built-in furniture is professionally installed by the very craftsman who built it, assuring you of a perfect fit for your Morristown custom cabinets and other furnishings. Bookshelves, entertainment centers, kitchen cabinets...we do it all. Get a quality, solid-built product for your home. Call MCR Custom Kitchen Cabinet Refacing today to learn more about our services or to get started on your custom commission.

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Morristown Custom Cabinets

Cabinets are an essential part of any kitchen, so why not make the most of yours? Selecting to having custom cabinets installed for your Morristown kitchen remodeling project is a guaranteed way to get the most out of your investment. This is especially true if you are looking for specific shapes and sizes that will fit your unique items. While Morristown custom cabinets may be more expensive than standard, mass produced box store kitchen cabinets, they come with many benefits.

Benefits of Having Morristown Custom Cabinets:

  • Many Storage Space Options - custom cabinets can be designed to suit all your kitchen wares. Need a unique shelving system for pots and pans or small kitchen appliances like griddles, blenders, mixers, etc.? While you just have to make do with standard pre-made cabinets that pretty much never fit everything, Morristown custom cabinets allow you to truly personalize your kitchen storage space so that everything fits and is in its place.
  • Near Limitless Design Options - You don't have to choose from pre-selected combinations of cabinet doors and finishes when you elect to get Morristown custom cabinets. Your options are only limited to the skill and resources available to the contractor you choose to construction your Morristown kitchen cabinets. Likewise, if you have a unique kitchen layout, you need equally unique cabinets to fit the space. This is difficult without custom cabinets.
  • Custom Finish & Color - Want your cabinets to match the dinning table? This can be a difficult feat when shopping at box stores; but not for Morristown custom cabinets! You can have whatever color and finishing you want with custom kitchen cabinets.
  • Custom Add-On Options - Perhaps you'd like to store your small microwave on a shelf underneath one of the storage spaces instead of installing it into the wall or setting it on the counter. A custom shelf can be designed to fit your unique microwave dimensions when you choose to hire a contractor that specializes in Morristown custom cabinets. From display cases to roll-out pantries and more, you'll get exactly what you want with custom cabinetry.

MCR Custom Kitchen Cabinet Refacing also specializes in constructing custom cabinets and furniture. If you want to place a custom order, please give us a call at 908-334-2558.

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Morristown, NJ

If you are looking for a Morristown cabinet refinishing contractor then please call MCR Custom Kitchen Cabinet Refacing at 908-334-2558 or complete our online request form.